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Riverside current driver situation 

Riverside current driver situation is a city in California, United State of America. The name of this city is taken from its location beside the Santa Ana River. It is the most populated city that comes on 59th in the United State due to its congestion. The population of Riverside is 303,871. 


Riverside California

Riverside had three major Freeways and these three freeways meet at multi-level interchange. This city also contains Metrolink commuter rail station. Local bus service is also provided by the Riverside Transit agency to the local people. An intercity bus service is also provided. 

Responsibilities of drivers 

As a good driver, it is your responsibility to follow all the rules and take all the measures in order to keep you as well as others life safe and secure. Drivers are not only risking their lives, but others too in case of carelessness. The responsibilities of drivers are following 

 Stay focused 

Watch out for the Traffic

Driving is basically multi-handled the task. During driving,drivers have to pay attention on paths, road condition, speed limit, traffic laws, rules, safety measures, checking mirrors, be aware about other cars around you  and so on. 

So if the driver will be involved in talking or using mobile phone, attention can divert and it may lead to serious accidents. So drivers must drive carefully. They need to be focused during driving. 

Stay alert 

Drivers should stay alert during driving. Sleepiness and fatigue divert the attention and driver could not react to some sudden problems like use of brakes in case of someone suddenly come in front of the vehicle. Moreover, use of alcohol and drugs affect the driver and lead to serious accidents. 

Watch out other vehicles passing by 

Drivers should not only drive his vehicle smoothly, but he also has to watch out other vehicles passing by you. In case of others rash driving, drivers have to keep their vehicles hitting by them.  

Use of safety belts 

Drivers should ensure the use of safety belts during driving. The belts keep them safe in case of any accident. 

You might be the best driver, but what about the other driver?

Riverside current driver situation  

Riverside now-a-days is facing serious accidents due to carelessness of drivers. Youth are risking their lives for the sake of adventures. A number of accidents are reported day by day. Some example of a Riverside current driver situation are given below. 

Unlicensed Drivers 

The driving license is issued to those drivers who are skilled in driving. Drivers have to pass oral, written and practical driving test in order to get a license. If they are failing in any test, they would not able to get a license. Driving without license is a serious crime and it is against the rules of traffic. 

In Riverside, one in every 12 drivers screened at a police checkpoint Friday night and Saturday morning  is not licensed to operate his vehicles according to a department news release. 

Check Point in Riverside California

Speed Exhibition 

Recently, on august 2,2019, Friday  seven men and two women were arrested during performing speed exhibitions and driving recklessly in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. All nine were arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting an exhibition of speed. 

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