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Los Angeles Cheapest Insurance

Los Angeles Cheapest Insurance rate  is the most populous city in California. It is the second most populated city in The United State of America  after New York and it is the 3rd most populous city in North America. It has estimated population of four million. So with this population, it is made compulsory for everyone to have insurance. 

Los Angeles Cheapest Insurance

Finding the cheapest auto insurance is not an easy job. But here you will know about the  Los Angeles cheapest insurance rate. 

Rates from several neighborhoods within Los Angeles 

There are different rates from several neighborhoods within Los Angeles. Not every neighborhood has the same rate. So the average rates of several neighborhoods within Los Angeles are given below. 

Neighborhood Yearly  Rate 
Westchester $999 
Hobart $1,010 
Mount Washington $1,058 
Rose Hill $1,113 
Happy Valley $1,113 
Mar Vista $1,137 
Hyde Park $1,151 
Westwood $1,196 
Watts $1,223 
Highland park $2,102 
Pico-Union $2,394 

Los Angeles auto insurance  by gender difference 

Los Angeles auto insurance also has some gender differences. The policy will be changed due to gender difference or marital status. A married person can save up to 5% of the policy as compared to the singles. Similarly, rate for widows are cheaper as compared to singles. The premium insurance policy will charge slightly more to the women as compare to men. 

   Los Angeles car insurance rates by gender and marital status 

Marital Status / Gender Average Rate 
Female $2,517 
Male $2,510 
Single $2,510 
Married $2,393 
Divorced $2,510 
Widowed $2,404 

Los Angeles, cheapest and highest auto Insurance 

Los Angeles has the cheapest auto insurance as well as the highest paid auto insurance. The cheap auto insurance is given by the insurers Nationwide Car insurance with $1,137. And the most expensive auto insurance is given by insurer Bristol West Car Insurance with $2,730 with the difference of over $1,600 per year.  

Los Angeles cheapest auto Insurance companies  

Here are the list of those companies who are providing the cheapest car insurance in Los Angeles.  If you ill compare the rates of auto insurance, then you will see that these insurance rates vary for a driver age and gender. So the best way to get cheapest insurance is to take quotes from at least three to four insurance companies and compare these rates and choose the best suitable for you. 

Insurance Companies Names Yearly Rate  
Nationwide $1,137 
Century National $1,162 
Geico $1,211 
Grange $1,357 
State Farm $1,453 
Allied $1,633 
Progressive $1,674 
Unitrin $1,753 
Kemper specialty $2,518 
Bristol West $2,730 

From where to get the best quote? 

You can also visit Brua Insurance for the cheapest auto insurance rates. You will find here the best suitable rates and cooperating staff. 

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