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Liability Insurance at Barua Insurance

Liability Insurance  

What is liability insurance? 

Liability Insurance basically gives financial protection to the insured against the claims of loss and damage of property or people. It also provides legal lawsuits. 

Major Duties:- 

Liability Insurance mainly has one, two or three major duties according to the coverage of Liability Insurance. This may vary depending on the insured person that how much insurance coverage he or she has. Basic three duties that Insurance covers are:- 

  • To defend  
  • To indemnify 
  • To settle reasonable clear claim 

Forms of Liability Insurance:- 

There are three major forms. 

  • Public Liability 
  • Product Liability 
  • Professional Liability 


Public Liability

Public Liability 

If you are a businessman and running a large empire, than you have to get public liability insurance. If a consumer injured himself or if you face any damage during business activities, your business could be liable.  This means that you would have to pay compensation to that consumer and also have to bear legal expenses. But Public Liability Insurance can cover these costs. For example if any of the workers was harmed during some business activities then your business could be liable because it is the responsibility of company to take measures for the safety of their workers. So in this situation. 

This policy will cover many incidents that could be happened to your workers like disrepair, slips or trips, accidents, transport etc. So save yourselves with the help of these insurance policies. 

Product Liability 

Product Liability is important for those who are going to bring their products into market. But from the start of designing process to the end of finished products there are lots of risks having any damage or defects. 

It will not only turn down the image or price of the product but it may also face legal suits in some cases. If you are having Product Liability Insurance, than you need not to worry about this.  

It will cover all the loss including law suits, medical expenses, damages and compensation. 

Professional Liability 

This type of insurance is needed by professionals specially doctors, businessmen and attorneys. Other professionals that should take this Product are accountants, architects, engineers, investment advisors, IT consultants and software developers.  

Professional Liability Insurance will cover the cost of legal suits against you. For example if a doctor made mistake due to his negligence during any operation or treatment and the patients dies or suffers, so in this case doctor has to face off the law suits. It will help you out there. It will pay you the cost for all the law suits and compensation.  

From where to get? 

You can consult Barua Insurance for this purpose. It will provide you all the information about these policies and also cost and coverage of these policies. 

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