Insurance claims


After being involved in an accident you need to stay calm and make sure everyone in your vehicle is safe. If someone is hurt, call 911 immediately and move away from oncoming traffic as this could cause another collision.

Make sure to exchange information with the parties involved in the accident. You will need their name, driver’s license number, phone numbers, address, license plates numbers, etc. If a camera or cell phone camera is available, make sure to take photos of all vehicles involved including yours as well as surroundings.

Company NameClaim Number
Access Insurance(866) 747-6931
Alliance Insurance(800) 508-5833
Alstar General Insurance(855) 858-8142
Anchor General Insurance(800) 542-6246
Arrowhead Insurance(866) 901-4496
Bristol West Insurance(800) 274-7865
Cabrillo Insurance(866) 425-9970
Carnegie Insurance(888) 607-2879
Clearside Insurance(888) 210-6111
Dairyland (CYCLE) Insurance(800) 325-9559
Explorer Insurance(877) 849-4678
Foremost Star Insurance(800) 527-3907
Freedom Insurance(888) 542-4222
Greenpath Insurance(855) 231-1727
H&H (Sterling Casualty)  Insurance(800) 272-3922
Hagerty Insurance(800) 922-4050
Infinity  Insurance(800) 334-1661
Kemper  Insurance(866) 536-7376
Legacy  Insurance(480) 413-9175
MapFre  Insurance(866) 351-2548
McGraw  Insurance(800) 962-1172
Mendota  Insurance(800) 422-0793
MultiState  Insurance(800) 299-5709
National General  Insurance(800) 325-1088
Nations insurance(800) 299-5709
Personable  Insurance(877) 233-9180
Pro-General  Insurance(844) 776-4361
Progressive  Insurance(800) 274-4499
Reliant Insurance (888) 999-2200
RMIS  Insurance(714) 738-1383
Safeway Insurance (888) 203-5129
SCJ Insurance (925) 474-3698
Policy Starting With AIC(800) 792-9056
Policy Starting With SCJ(866) 435-2082
Stonewood Insurance  (800) 396-1485
Policy Starting With WSI(888) 811-4054
Policy Starting With SCA(888) 215-7292
Policy Starting With CSV(866) 494-1610
Suncoast Insurance (866) 601-4726
Suncoast-Western General Insurance(844) 680-7904
Victoria Insurance(800) 926-3168
Viking (AUTO) Insurance(800) 334-0090
Western General Insurance(800) 758-3311
Workmens Auto Insurance (888) 811-4054