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Instant Cheap Car Insurance

Californian drivers can get Instant Cheap car Insurance and save money on car insurance if you have no at-fault accidents, speeding tickets, or DUIs. Insurance companies use the driving record as a way to predict what kind of risk you will pose to them. So, by not having any of these violations you are less risky and therefore cheaper customer for them. In addition to having a cheaper premium, some companies offer a safe driving discount. While the amount varies based on your company, it can range between 5-10%. If we’re looking beyond just average rates and at individual companies, Barua Insurance seems to have the cheapest rates for good drivers.

Instant Cheap Car Insurance

Having a bad driving record can be a huge burden for getting Instant cheap car insurance, no matter your location. In California, a DUI raises auto insurance rates by an average of $3,354 a year — one of the biggest increases in the nation. Other violations, such as an at-fault accident or a speeding ticket, can also hurt your driving record. Based on the research, if you’ve had a DUI or at-fault accident, your best bet for cheap car insurance is to shop with Barua Insurance because they work with 40 different Non-Standard insurance carriers.

Young drivers between the ages of 16-25 pay the highest car insurance premiums of anyone in the US. Because of the risk presented by inexperienced drivers, teen drivers pay more than three times the national average for car insurance. For teen drivers, historically the most expensive drivers to insure, we’ve found that Barua Insurance is the cheapest companies in California for teenagers.

The legal auto insurance minimum in California is $15,000 Bodily Injury per person, $30,000 Bodily Injury per accident, and $5,000 Property Damage per accident. For the legal minimum coverage level in California, expect to pay a mean of $351 per year.  If you choose a higher level of car insurance coverage, you can purchase a policy with comprehensive and collision coverage, which will protect against damages caused by car-vs.-car crashes, theft, or weather incidents. In order to drive a vehicle legally in California, it needs to be insured at the state minimum liability limits. In the eyes of an insurance company, a salvaged vehicle comes with added risk and might cost more to insure.

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