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Happy Thanksgiving from Barua Insurance

Happy Thanksgiving from Barua Insurance, in life there is always a reason for us to be thankful for. From birth to death, we come across thousands of people in life but each and everyone of them means something. They are the reasons to our colorful life and without them life would be meaningless.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Families

Happy Thanksgiving to our families. We can choose our friends but we cant choose our Family. Friends, neighbor, known people and unknown people, they come and go but family is the only place that returns when you really need. Family is the only place that listens to your shit and still carries the life on. Everyone gets tired of you but your family is proud of you. Your family is the only place you know as HOME. You might go all around the world but still in your tender heart, your home and family is all you care for. Family is the only place that keeps going dealing with your shit knowingly and unknowingly. you cannot thank enough to your family for everything they have done and still keeps doing for you. The pain of a father and mother cannot be erased by thanking through out your life time. We all talk about GOD but in real life, our mothers and Fathers are real GOD.

Happy Thanksgiving from Barua Insurance

Happy Thanksgiving to Friends

Happy Thanksgiving to Friends who make your life colorful. Without friends your life wont be a happy one. FRIENDS teach lots of stuff but some of them are whats FUN? Whats RIGHT? whats Incompetent? Whats EGO? whats NEGOTIATION? Whats DOMINANT? Whatever you cannot do with Family, you do with friends. We should be thankful to tell everyone we know how special they are and how great our life is because of them. In the rhythm of Life, we sometimes find ourselves out of tune, But as long as there are friends and family to provide the melody, The music plays on. Friends unlocked the door of happiness in life drowning us in the ocean of happiness.

Family and friends are the people who always made a difference in our life, who always helped us get through the toughest times. We are grateful and thankful for everything. We couldn’t have been in this place, without you. Without you, our journey would never be this much enjoyable. We would never have come this far if it wasn’t for you. Our success is measured not by the profits we make, but by the trust we gain.

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