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Cyber Insurance in California

Cyber Insurance in California is the age of information and technology. The world has become a global village. Everyone connects with other through technology. The age of writing letters has gone. Now it is the time to discover the world on your fingertips. Social media plays an important role to keep people aware about the world. Now it becomes impossible to live without technology.  

Protect your Information from your Hackers

But there is another side of coin also. It also has lots of disadvantages. Where it keeps people closer to each other, there it is also the reason of increasing crimes in the world. This technology also gave birth to many criminals and hackers. 

It is the age of transactions where we can withdraw our money through ATMs and this service is available 24/7. But be aware about hackers. They can hack your accounts, database of offices and can blackmail you. It can happen any time and with anyone.  

 Cyber Insurance in California is there to help you if you lost your savings and database. Moreover, if you face any lawsuits relating to blackmailing, it will help you out. It will cover all the expenses of lawsuits. 

What is Cyber Insurance? 

Cyber Insurance is the policy used to cover the business and individual from internet-based risks relating to the Information Technology activities. 

What this policy will cover? 

Cyber Insurance Policy will cover following loss 

Types of Cyber Insurance 

Cyber Insurance has many subtypes in which one can easily understand about the damage caused by cybercrimes. Subtypes of cyber insurance are following 

Business Interruption 

In this type of insurance policy will cover all the loss faced by      businessmen. It will help to cover all the loss of data hacking.           


In this type of insurance policy will cover all the costs related to threat and investigation. They blackmailed people to leak sensitive and important information. So the policy will cover all the expenses. 

Personal Blackmailing    

In this type of insurance policy will cover the loss of lawsuits. There is defamation of character.   

Theft and Frauds 

It covers the loss of policy holder’s data as a result of hacking and transfer of funds. 

Benefits of Cyber Insurance Policy 

It will cover business loss causes due to security failure, human errors and programming errors. It will also help you in recovery of lost data and it will try to recover your data. 

Who should get this policy? 

Organizations having lots of data about business, Information technology offices and software houses should buy this policy in order to save him from cyber-crimes. 

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