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Current situations of Californian drivers

Current situations of Californian drivers  Are you a car owner?? Are you a driver in California?? Do you know the rules and regulations for drivers?? Do you follow the rules?? Do you have Insurance policy?? If your have any question answers no then you are at right place. Here you will find all the answers to your questions. Here you will know the current situations of Californian drivers. Here are some requirements by the state which you must fulfill to be a good Californian driver. 

Driving License 

Current situations of Californian drivers

Be prepared for all the elements of your California driving test to ensure that you pass … have a limited term license, have a physical condition, have an out-of-state … your name as the insured driver; Two license plates with current registration … and other states, driving license is issued to all drivers in order to get permission for driving.  The Driving license is issued to those people who can drive well. To get driving license is not easy. You have to pass written test and then practical driving test to get your license. In case you fail any of the one test, you will not be eligible for the driving license and you have to appear in both tests again. You cannot drive without your driving license. If you get caught during any checkpoint, you will be punished and charged heavy fine. 

Auto Insurance 

Current situations of Californian drivers

Having auto insurance of your vehicle is compulsory in California and other states. If anybody found driving without auto insurance, your driving license could be cancelled.  

If you have recently purchased the vehicle and didn’t have auto insurance, then you will be given 30 days as a grace period to apply and get your insurance. If you already have a insurance of your previous car, then you will be given 45 days to cancel your previous insurance and apply new one. 

Rules of the road for Californian drivers 

Here are some ‘’Rules Of the Road’’ for Californian drivers mostly follow. 

Honk to warn, not to comment 

You can use your car horn in order to save yourself, but it must not be a way to show your frustration. You can use your car horns only for these two reasons. 

  • You can use your car horns to alert other drivers in order to tell about your presence. 
  • You can use your car horns to tell other drivers that they are missing something. 
Current situations of Californian drivers

Follow the speed limit 

You must follow the speed limit on the road during driving.  For example, if the speed limit is 60 mph in a specific place and you are coming with the speed of 70 mph, then you have to slow down your speed in order to follow the traffic rules. 

Move with traffic speed 

If the speed limit of a specific area is 55 mph and traffic is moving with the speed of 65 mph then you have to follow the traffic speed. Traffic rules are made to keep you safe, but they are not pettifoggery to be followed to the letter. 

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