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Car insurance with tickets and accidents has no secret that drivers with perfect driving records get the best insurance rates. what shall i do if i am one of the millions of Americans with accidents, moving violation tickets or both onmy driving record? Barua Insurance agents realize that accidents happen and not all the tickets are signs of high-risk drivers.

Whether you are overpaying a rate increased due to an at fault accident or having trouble finding coverage after multiple accidents, you have insurance options. Barua insurance specialize in providing really affordable cheap insurance rates with accidents and tickets. This is very important to call Barua Insurance and get car insurance quotes from top insurance carriers.

Do you have a Speeding Ticket, Accident, or Traffic Violation that Raised Your Insurance Rate?

If your insurer recently raised your rates because of an accident or moving violation ticket call Barua Insurance. They considered a high-risk driver based on a bad driving record.  Unlike cable and wireless phone service companies, auto insurance carriers don’t require a contract. So you’re not locked in and can change insurance companies at any time.


If you find citations on your driving record that shouldn’t be there, request to have them removed from your record. Depending on your state, first time offenders that complete driving safety programs after an infraction can get the infraction removed. Barua Insurance reviews your driving history and insure you that’s a good fit. Don’t assume you’re going to get the same high rates with every company just because of multiple tickets or accidents. Barua Insurance has a unique way of determining risk—it’s not an exact science. They can help you find the best car insurance for bad driving records.On average, insurance rates increase by 26 percent after a single incident! Whether it’s a speeding ticket, running a red light, or causing an accident, one thing is certain Barua Insurance will always hook you up with the cheapest rates.

Bad Driving Record Insurance Q & A

How long do tickets/accidents points stay on your driving record?

Most moving violations remain on your record for 3-5 years. More severe violations like reckless driving can remain on your record for 10-15 years. For more information specific to you, we recommend reaching out to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

How Many accidents or tickets does it take to be considered a high-risk driver?

CAR INSURANCE WITH TICKETS AND ACCIDENTS isn’t a “one size fits all” evaluation that put a driver into a “high risk” status. Some insurance companies will consider you high risk and raise your premiums or drop you from their policy from just one accident.  Others will allow more depending on differing circumstances.

How much does high risk auto insurance cost?

Not all high-risk car insurance is the same and it’s not possible to lump them together in one group.  There are several factors that go into the pricing of car insurance for bad drivers:

CAR INSURANCE WITH TICKETS AND ACCIDENTS have seen high risk car insurance premiums range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  That’s why it’s important to do your homework. We recommend getting quotes from at least three different insurance companies. Once you’ve had auto insurance for at least six months, get quotes again. Be sure to say you’ve had continuous insurance for the past 6 months and they’ll most likely provide better prices.

How Much Does Insurance Go Up After an Accident?

It depends on whether you were at fault. It also depends on the size of the claim resulting from the accident. If the accident involves gross negligence (think DWI), you could be dropped by your car insurance company. This means you’ll pay a lot more for insurance. That’s because you’ll be considered “high risk” and need high risk auto insurance.

Keep in mind that auto insurance companies can’t change premiums in the middle of your policy’s term for any reason. Rate increases can only occur during policy renewals. So, say your accident happened in January and your policy doesn’t renew until July. Several months will pass before you receive any related rate increase.

This is important because it gives you time to get quotes from several auto insurance carriers.  Of course, they’ll see your accident and rate you accordingly. However, the chances are good you’ll be able to find cheaper car insurance.

What causes an auto insurance company to be classified high risk/non-preferred?

Car insurance companies aren’t high risk, the drivers they insure are.  Insurance companies that cater to high risk drivers are generally willing to:

  • File an SR22 with the state you live in
  • Write an operator exclusion form
  • Insure drivers that have a DUI, more than two at fault accidents in three years or more than three moving violations
  • Cover drivers with no prior insurance coverage or a lapse in coverage of more than 30 days
  • Insure drivers under 25, over 70 or have a low credit score (usually below 550, but that number can vary)

Once you move to a high risk/non-preferred car insurance company, it’s difficult to move to a company that offered preferred or super preferred rates. You’ll have to have a standard policy with a preferred auto insurance carrier for one year. At least, before they’ll move you to preferred or super preferred rates.

Can you get insurance with a suspended license?

Yes, however, it depends on which state you live in.  Most states offer some kind of program for high risk or suspended license drivers. Contact your states Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for specific details related to where you live. These programs work with car insurance companies that specialize in insuring high-risk drivers. Their rates will differ among the various companies and could be very high. That’s why it’s so important to shop around.

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