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Car Insurance in California

Car Insurance in California  is made law for every car owner to buy auto insurance policy. Without auto insurance, you cannot travel in the state. If you get caught during  the checkpoint, you will have to pay a heavy fine. Another penalty of not having auto insurance will cancel your driving license. 

Car Insurance in California

The average car insurance rates may vary according to the states and cities. Different insurance companies have different rates. It also depends upon the coverage of the policy that how much insurance coverage you need. 

Car Insurance Rates in California 

The average car insurance rate in California is $1518. Car insurance companies in California primarily ask driver’s age, marital status, gender and  your driving record. However, this questionnaire may vary depending on the insurance companies’ requirements. That is why, the cost of a policy  can be different among insurance companies. This is also the main reason that you should compare quotes online.  

Minimum Car Insurance Coverage in California 

In California, you should buy a minimum coverage policy named as the 15/30/05 rule. According to this rule, a Californian car owner must have at least $15,000 for their bodily injury and death coverage at least $30,000 to cover multiple  people in an injury or  death situation and at least $5,000 to cover any property damage loss. 

Cheapest auto insurance in California 

Ensurance offers the best rates in California coming  in at an average of $100 per month. The next cheapest insurers are 21st century and Geico. 

The average car insurance rate for good drivers in California was $1.817 per year or $151 per month. 

  Insurers Average price per year Average price per month 
Ensurance $100 $1,196 
21st Century $126 $1,510 
Geico $128 $1,541 
Allstate $140 $1,684 
Mercury $143 $1,721 
AAA- Nothern California (CSAA) $158 $1,809 
Farmers $154 $1,845 
Liberty Mutual $163 $1961 
State Farm $174 $2,084 
Progressive $188 $2,250 
AAA-Southern California $233 $2793 

Uninsured / underinsured motorist 

If you are hit by the driver that have no  insurance coverage policy or the coverage policy that is insufficient  to pay for your loss then uninsured or underinsured coverage policy will pay your loss. In most states, including California, these coverages are optional. 

Medical coverage (MedPay) 

Medical coverage will pay the expenses of medical in case of injuries or expenses of funeral in case of death of passengers and driver during an accident regarding driver’s fault.  In most states including California it is optional coverage. 

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