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Californian Car Owners

Californian Car Owners Are you an owner of car in California?? Are you thinking about to purchase a used car?? Have you driven license?? Do you have an insurance policy??  If any question answers no then hurry up and fulfill the requirements otherwise strict legal action will be taken against you. Here are some advises for you to follow if you are a car owner or you are thinking about to purchase a new or used car. 

Auto Insurance for Californian Car Owners 

When you purchase a new car. It is always good to get an auto insurance for your car immediately. Car insurance will give you protection against unfortunate accidents or any other incident related to your vehicle. The insurance policy will cover the loss of your vehicle or accidents. It will also cover the legal action if you cause an accident. 

The rules to get your car insurance coverage is different in different states and rates are also different. In California, you should buy a minimum coverage policy named as the 15/30/05 rule. According to this rule, a Californian car owner must have at least $15,000 for their bodily injury and death coverage at least $30,000 to cover multiple  people in an injury or  death situation and at least $5,000 to cover any property damage loss. 

The Grace period for Californian Car owners to get insurance 

If you have purchased a new car and did not have any insurance then you need not to worry about this. Because according to Californian state law, the car owners will be given 30 days to get their car insurance and then provide the proof of this coverage to this state. 

If you already was a car owner and had already an insurance policy, then you will be given 45 days to cancel that policy and get a new one for your new vehicle. Then you must send this updated car insurance policy to the state of California. 

Driving License 

Californian Car Owners

It is made compulsory for the Californian car owners to get licensed.  Driving without license is a serious legal punishable offense.  If you are driving without a license and get caught by police then you will be charged heavy fine. So whenever you buy a new car, get a driving license. 

Penalties not having a driving license 

During checking on any checkpoint by traffic police, if you  fail to provide them all the documentation like driving license and insurance policy papers,  then you will be charged a fine of $100 and $200 plus additional assessment penalties. 

So if you are a Californian car owner and do not have car insurance yet then hurry up. Barua Insurance is also giving attractive and suitable insurance policies. Just visit the website and get all the information. 

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