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Best Results for Cheapest Auto Insurance

Best results for cheapest auto insurance: Do you have an auto insurance policy for your vehicles?? Do you know about the coverage of auto insurance?? Do you know about the offers and discounts on auto insurance?? Do you know about the rates of auto Insurance?? If you do not know about the rates of insurance policy, then you do not need to worry about it. Here you will find the average car insurance rates in California. 

Best Results for Cheapest Auto Insurance

Cheapest auto insurance 

Ensurance offers the best rates in California coming  in at an average of $100 per month. The next cheapest insurers are 21st century and Geico. 

The average car insurance rate for good drivers in California was $1.817 per year or $151 per month. 

Best Results for Cheapest Auto Insurance

  Insurers Average price per year Average price per month 
Ensurance $100 $1,196 
21st Century $126 $1,510 
Geico $128 $1,541 
Allstate $140 $1,684 
Mercury $143 $1,721 
AAA- Nothern California (CSAA) $158 $1,809 
Farmers $154 $1,845 
Liberty Mutual $163 $1961 
State Farm $174 $2,084 
Progressive $188 $2,250 
AAA-Southern California $233 $2793 

Cheapest Car insurance with  one at-fault crash 

Ensurance came first this time for the drivers one at-fault crash with an average of $148 per month. 

The average cost for drivers with one recent at-fault crash  is $2,945 per year.or about $245 per month. 

Insurers Average insurance per month Average insurance per year 
Ensurance $148 $1,770 
AAA Northern California (CSAA) $190 $2,279 
Mercury $209 $2,507 
21st Century $219 $2,633 
Geico $226 $2,713 
State Farm $227 $2,729 
Liberty Mutual $242 $2,903 
Farmers $259 $3,105 
Allstate $298 $3,578 
AAA-Southern California $347 $4,163 
Progressive $376 $4,507 

Low Income Car Insurance In California 

If you cannot afford the premium auto insurance, then you still have a chance to get low income insurance, which has several payment plans and without a broker fee. To get low income car insurance policy you need to follow things. 

  • Californian driver’s license 
  • An automobile with $25000 or less 
  • Income of no more than 250% of federal poverty level 
  • To get the insurance you need to submit these documents and other documents. 
  • Auto insurance laws in California 

Price of auto Insurance: 

According to this law. Auto insurance companies in California cannot set prices based on credit history. Recently, the state also banned the gender-based pricing, according to this young men and middle-age women need to buy higher premium insurance. 

Auto body repair claims: 

This law includes bill of auto body repair of your own choice after a claim. According to this law, You can choose your own shop to repair your auto body  damages. 

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